Is your cloud strategy ready for multi-cloud, 5G, edge computing, IOT, and beyond?

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With technology, the most important strategies of tomorrow are often made possible by the right preparation today. Cloud, for example, whether public, private or hybrid, is seen as an enabler of future technologies such as multi-cloud, 5G, edge computing, and IoT.

These technologies, deployed successfully, can unlock enormous benefits for businesses and their customers. That’s why so many organizations are at an inflection point when considering how to prepare their IT infrastructures for what’s ahead.

The reality is, many organizations are still working to keep pace with existing business challenges including data center consolidation, budget pressures, improving IT delivery, and protecting corporate data from cybercrime. Left unattended, these challenges will impede the adoption of new technology strategies, or at least, limit their value.

Are you prepared to embrace these emerging technologies? Watch our webinar with guest speaker, Forrester Vice President and Research Director, Glenn O’Donnell, Veeam VP of Product Strategy, Jason Buffington, 11:11 CTO, Justin Giardina, and 11:11 VP of Product Marketing, Justin Augat to:

  • Learn why many businesses are consolidating their physical data centers with cloud services to lay the foundation for the future
  • Understand Forrester Research’s view on why coexistence between private and public clouds is critical to future success
  • Hear how Veeam and 11:11, together, deliver a flexible cloud platform to meet the protection and consolidation requirements of today, while readying business for the technology of tomorrow.
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