11:11 Catalyst

Your cloud transformation, simplified.

Ensure the success of your cloud transformation right from the start. 11:11 Catalyst addresses the complexities of cloud sizing and cost forecasting by helping you accurately model your application performance and capacity requirements. Built by 11:11 engineers with decades of combined experience, Catalyst can help you plan and design a cloud solution that fits your applications’ unique disaster recovery, backup, and application hosting needs.

11:11 Catalyst is a free tool to remove the guesswork of right-sizing your cloud environment at the right time: Before you begin.

In today’s fast paced IT environment, time and accuracy matters. Moving to the cloud can improve your organization’s efficiency, reduce your costs, and speed up your time to market. But only if your cloud is designed for your unique needs. Over-provision your cloud environment and you risk paying more for resources you don’t need. Under-provision your cloud solution and you risk impacting your application performance.

11:11 Catalyst:

  • Model your cloud sizing and capacity requirements based on
    real-time production data. Quickly see how much storage, compute, and memory you will need in the cloud
  • Leverage a built-in database of real-world usage patterns for accurate modeling of different scenarios
  • Create custom groups for sizing individual workloads, applications groups, or different production sites
  • Analyze your network capabilities with any 11:11 cloud location to ensure an optimized experience. Update workload bundles with estimates for data seeding or backup change rates
  • Predict monthly usage costs using different usage scenarios including ad-hoc/disaster events enabling you to model your failover costs.
  • Free download, easy to install, dependency-free

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